Regular health check-ups are important because they are not only able to find health problems you may have but may also warn you about problems that may surface in the future. Here you will find health check-up packages available to suit your individual needs.

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Health Screening Instructions and Information
  1. The Health Screening Center is located on the 11th floor of the Bumrungrad International Clinic Building.
  2. If you are a new patient, please first go to the 10th floor of the Bumrungrad International Clinic Building 30 minutes before your scheduled appointment time for hospital registration. You will need an original passport or identification (ID) card.
  3. Please do not consume food or drinks except plain water for at least 12 hours prior to beginning your health screening program (If you select Vitality Comprehensive Package, do not drink water 4 hours before Body Composition Analysis).
  4. Please refrain from alcohol for at least 24 hours prior to beginning your health screening program.
  5. For female patients, please ensure that your checkup is scheduled at least 7 days before or after menstruation.
  6. Stool and urine samples will be collected on the day of your exam. In case you prefer to collect the stool sample at home, please find instructions here.
  7. The abdominal ultrasound requires a full bladder for best results. We will provide you with plenty of water to drink after the blood draw.
  8. If you schedule a Stress Test (EST), please bring along your jogging shoes. Also, please inform the nurse in advance if you are currently being treated or taking medication for an existing condition or if you have a history of chest pain or breathing difficulty.
  9. Holistic packages require dilation of the pupils and will cause blurred vision and light sensitivity for about 4-6 hours. Therefore, we advise to arrange transportation home (do not drive) and bring sunglasses.
  10. Pre-payment is required for all checkup programs.

Talk to our Referral Office Representative in Hong Kong

Our local representatives speak your language and can assist you by answering any questions you have about the hospital as well as book travel arrangements. There are no additional costs for using this service as per Bumrungrad's One Price Policy.