About Bumrungrad

The Thai name Bumrungrad (pronounced bahm-roong-RAHT) means “care for the people,” and no phrase could more aptly describe this Bangkok hospital and clinic complex, the largest medical facility in Southeast Asia. More than a million inpatients and outpatients seek healthcare at Bumrungrad International Hospital annually. Some 40 percent of them are expatriates, tourists, or medical travelers from 190 different countries who go to Bumrungrad because of its reputation for high-quality care at exceptionally reasonable prices. At Bumrungrad, patients find short waiting times, excellent services, and medical specialties ranging from wellness checkups to heart transplants. It’s no surprise that Bumrungrad, one of the world’s top medical travel destinations, is also a benchmark for excellence in international healthcare.

One Price Policy


Bumrungrad International Hospital believes in transparency and enforces a strict One Price Policy guarantee. 

  • If the patient is a local or an international patient the price is the same. 
  • If the patients books an appointment directly with the hospital or books an appointment through a Referral Reprensative the price is the same. 


Bumrungrad International Hospital is located at 33 Sukhumvit soi 3, Khlong Toey- Nua, Wattana, Bangkok 10110 Thailand.

Between BTS Sky Train Stations, Ploen Chit and Nana. 

Phone: +66 2066 8888

Why Choose Thailand?

Thailand is the worlds largest medical tourism destination, welcoming over 3 million medical travellers every year, with 64 JCI accredited hospitals. People chooseThailand for their healthcare for the following reasons: 

  • Well-developed healthcare infrastructure

  • Highly trained medical professionals.

  • State-of-the-art technology.

  • Excellent services and hospitable environment.

  • Affordable high quality treatment.

  • Alternative treatments and tourist attractions.



  • Facts
    Patient Volume
    • Over 1.1 million patients treated per year (outpatient and inpatient)
    • Over 520,000 are international patients, from over 190 different countries
    Human Resources 
    • International Management Team 
    • Over 4,800 employees 
    • Over 1000 nurses 
    • Over 1,300 physicians and dentists, many with international training/certification
    Outpatient Facilities
    • One of world’s largest private sector outpatient clinics 
    • 275 examination suites
    • Ambulance & mobile critical care fleet
    • Outpatient Surgery Center
    • 24-hour emergency care including emergency cardiac catheterization
    Inpatient Facilities
    • 580 Inpatient Beds 
    • Medical/Surgical/OB/Pediatrics 
    • Adult Intensive Care (ICU) 
    • Cardiac Care (CCU) 
    • Pediatric Intensive Care 
    • Level IV Neonatal Intensive Care
  • Pharmacy & Lab

    Pharmacy Robot

    We operate a complete packaging, storage and dispensing system that barcodes unit-dose medications onsite. This state-of-the-art, fully-automated drug management system by Swisslog, called a 'Pharmacy Robot' -- is the first of its kind in Asia. 

    This technology reduces medication errors by lowering complexity, avoiding over-reliance on memory, simplifying key processes, and increasing efficiency. This system allows highly-trained pharmacists and technicians to spend less time on routine tasks, and more time on patient care. 


    We have raised patient service and safety to new levels by introducing Thailand’s first modern medical lab automation system. Beckman Coulter’s Lab Automation is the same technology used by many world-class hospitals. 

    It reduces lab turnaround time, ensures accuracy and safety, and increases work efficiency. This new system also helps physicians diagnose and interpret lab test results accurately and efficiently. 

  • Patient Data
    Bumrungrad International Hospital partnered with Dell EMC to deliver a modern healthcare platform that would lay the foundations for a digital future, simplify administration and enable the hospital to move towards coordinated, personalized care with an increased focus on prevention and wellness.

    We use Dell EMC’s converged infrastructure solution to run state-of-the-art automated laboratories and streamline patient care.

    Dell EMC VxBlock® System eliminates complex, costly technology siloes; creating a scalable platform that runs all of the hospital’s mission-critical applications. We run our critical applications on the converged platform, with data now centralized and readily available to clinicians, doctors, patients, and decision makers.
  • Patient Services
    • ‚ÄčOver 150 interpreters 
    • International Airport concierge service
    • VIP airport transfers
    • Embassy assistance 
    • International insurance coordination
    • Visa extension counter
    • Muslim prayer room
    • Halal food & international food menu
    • Hotel Reservation
    • Wi-Fi
    • McDonalds & International restaurants
    • Starbucks
    • Food Court
    • Pharmacy
    • Bank
    • Gift Shop
    • Wide selection of international television channels
  • Technology


    At Bumrungrad International, we use the latest in 4D technology. The ultrasound creates a moving, life-like picture by taking rapid images with the speed of 25 scans per second. The result: Live Action ultrasound images of your baby. 4-D will even allow you to see your baby when it yawns or opens its eyes in the womb. 


    Image Guided Radiotherapy

    We became the first hospital in Thailand to offer Image Guided Radiotherapy (IGRT) which is a new technology for cancer treatment that was first introduced in Europe. IGRT is the most accurate method for targeting radiation to the cancer tumor. Imaging technology is used to identify the exact location of a tumor prior to treatment.



    Siemens’ latest technology and one of the first to be installed in Thailand, provides high resolution images that allow doctors to pinpoint the precise location of abnormalities as small as 3-6 millimeters in size. The scanner provides diagnostic details about the stages of the disease that may be overlooked by other methods such as CT or MRI, while providing a safe and painless examination.


    Digital Mammography

    In our Breast Care Center we combine Digital Mammography and Computer Aided Detection (CAD) to provide the most accurate screening system available. Digital Mammography is a more technologically advanced form of mammography. It is quicker, more comfortable and gives the doctor better images with higher resolution than traditional X-ray based mammography. Clinical studies show 6-20% higher cancer detection rates for CAD digital mammography. The system also reduces the incidence of false positives.



    Bumrungrad has introduced Wi-Fi, providing 300 access points to give patients and guests with capable devices internet access from anywhere in the hospital. The Wi-Fi network – one of the largest in Thailand – uses state-of-the-art technology to assure both reliability and security and won the award for "Best Wireless Project South East Asia" from Motorola's Enterprise Mobility Business. 

Bumrungrad Hospital Representative

AFH have been appointed the official representative and referral office in HongKong to help facilitate patients. 
Their services include helping you get treatment plans & cost estimates, coordinating with health insurance providers, handling visas & travel arrangements, ground transportation & VIP services for Hong Kongs patients. These services are free of charge as per the Bumrungrad Intenational One Price Policy Guarantee. 

Talk to our Referral Office Representative in Hong Kong

Our local representatives speak your language and can assist you by answering any questions you have about the hospital as well as book travel arrangements. There are no additional costs for using this service as per Bumrungrad's One Price Policy.