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“This is not what I imagined Thailand to be.”

When you think of Thailand, what comes to your mind?
nspired by true story of a foreign couple whose lives were changed forever after facing a dilemma. Thailand was able to alter the course of their lives forever.
Thank you Medical Wings Operated by Siam Land flying to support the airside location and aircraft for this film production.

多謝胡慧冲先生支持及信任泰國康民醫院, 希望冲哥的親身體檢及影片能幫助你更加了解我們醫院的環境及運作。

American television host and documentary filmmaker Morgan Spurlock comes to Bumrungrad.

After arriving at the hospital, Spurlock was whisked away after waiting just seconds for his consultation. His consultation determined that he needed an MRI, and he was immediately sent to have one done. After the MRI, he went straight back upstairs for the results to be interpreted by his doctor. The very same day, it was determined that he wouldn't need surgery and simple exercises would help rehabilitate his rotator cuff.

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